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Sensory Support – Finding Comfort in Weighted Toys

There is much growing awareness around sensory feedback that suggests just how important ‘gentle pressure touch’ can be for children with hyper sensitivity and sensory processing issues. You may have heard of weighted blankets used to ease anxiety and help bring calm, well adding weight to soft and friendly toys for children, supports this same sensory response.

When a child hugs, carries or rests a weighted toy on their body, the gentle pressure touch generates gentle sensory feedback to settle and sooth. The weight creates a focus to anchor the child and may help dissipate anxiety or settle an over stimulated state, while the soft features of the toy act as a friend for comfort through cuddles and play.

The world around children moves fast and family life often gets swept up in the pace. It takes awareness and commitment to push back and carve out regular down time for your family and to trust that children do not need to be entertained constantly. In-fact simplifying your weekly/daily routines and extra-curricular activities, will go a long way to bringing downtime back to your home centre, helping your child to find balance and ease. This is especially important for children who feel easily overwhelmed or experience hyper sensitivity.

We highly recommend these toys for home and learning environments including child care, kindergarten and primary classroom settings.

Incorporating 1 or 2 weighted toys in a quiet nook with cushions and blankets creates a safe space for a child to feel welcomed when overwhelmed. In time, the children who need this in their day, will naturally find their way there.

Our weighted toys are designed and handmade by our team from up-cycled materials and secured safely with clean washed sand. Each style has a different set weight, with our heaviest currently weighing 2kg. The use of soft colours and interesting textured fabrics also provides tactile sensory support.

You will find the direct links here to our range:

Weighted Doll 1kg
Weighted Hen 1.8kg
Weighted Turtle 2kg

It’s suggested that up to 10% of body weight is appropriate to provide gentle sensory feedback.