Open 7 days at 287 High St, Northcote


Craft is nourishing, no matter your age. It engages hands and heart and provides a distraction from busy living.  Children observing adults and siblings working at craft, also observe mindful focus and creative expression.

Creating is love made visible…..(Yogananda)

Introducing children to craft is so easy, as they are naturally resourceful, creative and inventive.

Craft provides opportunities to ignite imagination, encourage concentration and develop fine motor skills. The process of ‘making’ is very satisfying and builds confidence and mindfulness. Exploring craft has no boundaries and nature definitely provides the best inspiration and often the best materials to work with. Little baskets collected from Opp shops are perfect for gathering and storing lots of interesting materials and treasures to inspire all sorts of crafty adventures. Our simple patterns provide for more specific skill explorations and are best suited to 7+ years old or explored together with an adult. You can always add extra details for older children. Finished items will become loved favourites in small world play.