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Quick Tips for Creative Parenting 4:

Continuing our theme of deepening family connections inspired by Lou Harvey-Zahra, here are some more simple fun ways to keep connecting!

Choosing and buying gifts for children raises two main pressure points – what the child wants and what the child needs.

It is important not to fall in to the trap, that more is better, as this detracts from the real celebration which is the child themselves (in case of a birthday) or the awareness/intention of the festival.

We want our children to grow with a respect and appreciation for ‘celebrations’ as being much more than the gifts received. Of-course gift giving is special and enjoyed but it should not be the primary focus of the event.

Here is a lovely ‘rule of thumb’ idea to follow with every Birthday and Christmas to help your choosing of gifts to be more meaningful and joyfully anticipated by your children:

*Something to read

*Something to make/craft

*Something to wear

*Something for play

Children will look forward to anticipating what each simple gift might be……… ‘I wonder what new book I will get to read!’

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