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Sensory Support – Weighted Hen


Research suggests that children with sensory processing difficulties may benefit from play with weighted toys. A weighted toy provides comfort through firm but gentle pressure known as ‘deep pressure touch’, providing soothing sensory feedback that can have a calming effect. A weighted comfort toy can help settle a restless or anxious child by gently easing anxiety and distress as the weight provides support and the child becomes aware of the heaviness anchoring them. The soft gentle features of the toy are friendly, reassuring and tactile.

This lovely Big Hen is much larger than our regular Henny Penny and has the added weight of 1.8kg to provide sensory support and also includes a soft tactile chick tucked into one wing.  Made to order, allow 1-2 weeks. Approx.35cm. Please note that fabrics are up-cycled so combinations will always vary. Made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks.