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Quick Tips for Creative Parenting 3:

Continuing our theme of deepening family connections inspired by Lou Harvey-Zahra, here are some more simple fun ways to keep connecting!

I’m Bored!

The dreaded catch-cry too often spoken on holidays and weekends.

No such thing with a creative mind! is the best response.

To help tackle the will of boredom, there should always be on hand:

*Good books to read

*Craft project/materials available

*Movement games on hand such as table tennis, basketball, bikes and scooters, chalk drawing, skipping, yoyo’s, tree climbing …..

*Board and card games – snap, bingo, uno, pick up stix, monopoly, connect 4, twister etc

*Puzzles big and small.

*Painting/drawing materials including letter writing too.

*Lego building……set it up with some specific direction or themes like build a village or create a scene from a favourite book or fairytale, oceans, volcanos, traffic…

A wonderful place to start, with the idea of dissolving boredom, is to create together a Big jar of Big Ideas. Everyone sits together to discuss all the possibilities of Boredom Busting Ideas and as each idea is agreed upon, it is written on paper to fold and add to a jar or box.

Now every-time boredom strikes, a big idea is chosen from the jar! You may also include some generic rules around this such as…….each randomly selected idea must be explored for atleast 30mins. This will provide some time for engagement and prevent the temptation of repeated selecting from jar or dismissing ideas that another child likes.

**Lots more ideas for the ‘Big Jar’ can also be found in previous blog – Quick Tips 2

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