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Christmas Gifting

Expectations around Christmas are varied and personal to every family, or may not be explored at all, depending on cultural traditions and beliefs. Preparing for and celebrating Christmas can be overwhelming and Christmas gifting can create its own challenges and budget concerns. Christmas is ultimately about coming together, sharing food, stories, memories and feeling connected. These are the true gifts.

If you do buy for adults in your life, keep it simple and consider instead a ‘donation to charity’ or a handmade gift. You could also choose to support only local independent makers and ethically produced gifts, making a conscious choice not to support big company agendas or gifts that are likely to end up in landfill. Food oriented or ‘experience’ based gift are also thoughtful options.

When it comes to your own children, here is a great little list to introduce to support mindful gifting. A small list but one to help hone your choices and keep you focused.

Choose just ONE thing from each point on this list, per child……..with the exception perhaps of adding a Christmas sweet treat!

*Something they need.

*Something they want.

*Something to read.

*Something to make/create.

When gifting for other children (Christmas or birthday) choose from the last 2 points – Something to read OR something to make/create. ‘Doing’ type gifts are always a great choice as they provide an ‘experience’ and support screen free time.

If you do tend to get caught up in the commercial energy of Christmas and feel the pressure to buy elaborate gifts, maybe this year try a different approach. Choose simplicity and run with it, and share your decision with family as they may be feeling similar pressures and be very happy to support the change too. Change starts small and always needs someone to initiate it……why not you?!