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The importance of dolls in play

Custom Formed doll

A special doll is an important addition to a child’s toy collection because it initiates a different kind of play and awareness. Doll play encourages early compassion in young children, developing a sense of care and respect for others.

Compassion, kindness and empathy are vital qualities for humanity, they are the threads that connect us, that help us feel valued and encourage us to care for ourselves, our community and beyond.

The foundation of these qualities is fostered in the developmental years of early childhood, where young children both observe and ‘playout’ what they see and experience. The more loving, kind and inclusive the actions and language around them, the greater the opportunity for the child to both feel and share similar qualities towards others.

Dolls are such an important contributor to play, providing opportunities to connect and care for another. Every child should have their own doll to love, comfort and befriend. From changing nappies, enjoying tea time, reading books and sharing everyday adventures, these simple ‘life’ behaviours build strong foundations that value kindness and the joy of sharing. Such qualities explored from a young age support the broader foundations for positive social and emotional connections and friendships.

We have a range of handmade dolls for different ages, including simple softly formed dolls for babies, to more detailed and dressable dolls for school aged children. They all include soft natural fibres and textures and some can be custom ordered to your colour preferences (including skin tone) and some are even weighted to provide ‘gentle sensory support’. All of our dolls are handmade by our team at Birch and Bear.
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