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Repurposing/Up-cycling for Craft Inspiration

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Recycling products is not new but it is becoming more and more significant in the push against increasing landfill and the impact of our environmental footprint. This shift in consciousness also lends itself to creative thinking and resourcefulness, and craft is the perfect outlet for re-using, up-cycling and re-creating!

It is very satisfying to create something useful and unique out of something someone no longer wants or needs. To look at the textures, colours, patterns and shapes and how they can be transformed beyond their original purpose is quite simply…….a creative perspective.  

Op shops are a great resource for upcycling and gathering craft materials. Woollen jackets, suits and ties, jumpers, bed linen, soft furnishings, blankets, bed spreads, fabric off-cuts, buttons and beads and left-over yarns can all be repurposed into new creations.  Cushion inserts can easily be washed and re-used for filling. So before giving old clothing to the op shop or throwing them out, consider whether any of it may be useful for crafting, even small pieces can be used for dolls clothes, children’s toys, quilting, bunting and patchwork.   

Many of our toys are made from repurposing materials, from wooden spools to jumper sleeves, old suits and woollen blankets, so many unique items enjoying a whole new life.

Below are a few links to some of our well-loved items made from pre-loved materials:

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