Child’s Play

Birch and bear

Child’s Play

We source and make beautiful natural toys, because play matters.

Our handmade children’s range is crafted to inspire and support imagination and creative play. With a background in early childhood, all our designs are made with the child’s natural curiosity and innate story telling abilities in mind.

Nature, textures and a love of whimsy are common threads woven into all our craft and you will often find us working on pieces in store.

What inspires us:

The detail and beauty in nature – nests and twigs, moss, and lichen, wild flowers and dandelions, mushrooms and toadstools, leaves and feathers

The Seasons

Children at play

The faerie folk

Forest and bush animals

Vintage picture books and nursery rhymes

Colour and texture

Tiny things

Miniature worlds

Childhood memories of climbing trees, swimming in the deep,  skimming stones and floating rafts, building billycarts, bonfires and cubby houses. Picking fruit from our garden and making natural dyes and perfumes from flowers…………

Toys to love