Formed Waldorf Dolls


A special doll is an important addition to a child’s toy collection because it initiates a different kind of play and awareness. Doll play encourage kindness and early compassion in young children, developing a sense of care and respect for others. A friend to share stories, adventures and daily rhythms with, also provides unconditional comfort and companionship.

Order your own special doll here by adding to cart and after payment email us your custom details including:

-Skin tone (fair/medium/dark)

-Eye colour

-Hair colour and prefered length

-Gender: boy, girl or unisex

-Colour tones preferred for clothing

Custom orders will take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Our dolls are made in the traditional Waldorf style and measure approx. 30cm. Each doll comes fully clothed ready for cuddles and extra clothing is also available separately.

We usually have a range of these beautiful dolls in store and can always send you images of current stock.



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