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Play to learn with more time outside

We know that time in nature positively effects our wellbeing. We re-set in the embrace of nature, as it’s beauty and wonder wash over us, inviting calm, providing inspiration, touching our spirit.
Our children know there is magic in nature, they naturally seek it in the elements when they play. Exploring, interacting and immersing themselves in every moment. Nature is the ultimate classroom, inspiring, engaging, nourishing and connecting your child to its heart.
Children should feel the earth beneath their feet and between their fingers and toes, to see how water and dirt turns to mud, how puddles are mirrors, mini ponds and splashing pools. How the leaves change and blossoms burst, to observe the busy bees at work as flowers open. To touch river rocks smoothed by swirling currents and climb trees for views from tree tops, seek sunbeams and shadows, chase rainbows and catch raindrops. To lose hours exploring tiny worlds of creatures at home in nature, to observe and grow from every experience. To be fully in their bodies……moving and discovering the world within them and around them.
No indoor classroom can ‘naturally’ teach a child like simple time outside. Worlds within worlds, deeply engaging subject matter everywhere, providing for curious and inquisitive minds to endlessly investigate. The natural world is alive with possibilities and incidental learning, a simple walk to the park or local creek can be so much more when a child feels the freedom to explore at their own pace.
Providing loads of time outside is an incredible investment in your child’s education, awareness and appreciation of the world they live in and will ultimately care for.
Some of our favourite recommendations for supporting time outside:
Your wild imagination books
Nature activity cards
Magnifying glass
Garden seed packs
Gardening tool set