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Connected Families

It is through simple opportunities to connect, that we can create simple family rhythms that nourish our children and our relationships. Mindfulness matters and is visible by example through the care we demonstrate and the language we use, in our every-day interactions and activities. Our children are incredible observers and so our actions speak volumes.

Making time for ’time together’ is fundamental to cultivating a sense of connection in all healthy relationships, when we feel valued and safe, we can be ourselves. Children are constantly ‘feeling’ their way inside and outside of themselves and the more we can ‘see’ them, the better we can support and meet them where they are. We are adults for so much of our lives so cherish all the stages your children pass through as they grow and expand in their hearts and their thinking.

Simple ‘home life’ rhythms that are regular and dependable, are like a warm hug for children, they represent a commitment from you in support of time together. They may include all or some of the following: A shared meal every-day without screens or phone calls, preparing the dinner table with a candle and maybe a poem or flowers from the garden, bath-time, a shared story, afternoon or after dinner walk, star gazing, moon watching, preparing lunch and clothes for next school/kinder day, planning together the weekly schedule of meals, activities, events and chores. These are not complicated or elaborate things…….they are simple things that can easily be overlooked, rushed or forgotten in the busyness of life but when you make them mindful, thoughtful and see them as opportunities to share in the ‘everyday’ with your child… create ‘family rhythms’ and you grow together.

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